When Andrew Evans moved to a new apartment in 2013, he imagined more than summer BBQs on his patio.

After moving to San Francisco’s Mission/Bernal neighborhood in 2013, Andrew had an idea for his back patio. He began building an elaborate, 45-person theater complete with a secret entrance, a bar, and a box office that doubled as his bedroom. Five years and a 10-person creative team later, The Magic Patio has become San Francisco’s most sought-after magic experience.



The Magician

Andrew has been a professional magician since the age of 12 and has performed internationally on 6 continents (come on Antarctica!). He designs and builds his own unique illusions diving deep into Magic’s past as a way to reimagine its future. When he’s not cutting people in half, Andrew is a Product Designer at IDEO where he is constantly exploring the intersection of Magic and Design. His talk on the subject—Designing Wonder—has been featured locally for Google, Medium, and Autodesk and globally for TED and AIGA. He previously worked as a high-end treehouse designer, dating-start-up co-founder, marshmallow baker, and once led the creation of an immersive theatrical production on Alcatraz Island.



The Lovely Assistant

Naomi has been performing on stage in one capacity or another for the past 20 years. Starting off as a child pianist, she moved on to become a teenage singer, a trained actor in musical theatre, and finally ran away with the circus. While completing her BFA in Musical Theatre from Chicago College of Performing Arts, Naomi began taking classes in trapeze on the side. One thing led to another, and after graduating from theatre school, Naomi move to San Francisco to work as a professional aerialist. She was a member of San Francisco based dance company Capacitor (capacitor.org) from 2011 to 2013.



The Stagehand

Molly Kate Holsinger has been performing on Bay Area stages since she was 10 years old. She has spent the better part of a decade studying physical theatre and clowning, training at the Flying Actor Studio, Dell'Arte International, and the San Francisco Clown Conservatory. She is the co-founder of the comedy duo MOSH. When she isn't on stage, Molly Kate is a professional photographer, combining her love of creating characters with her love of capturing characters.



Artwork and Illustration

Kelly is a designer and lecturer at the Stanford d.school, originally from sunny Davis, CA. At the d.school, she gets to teach Product Design to undergrads and work on absurdly fun projects. Outside the d.school, Kelly also helps ballerinas dance more comfortably, confidently and joyfully with custom-fit shoe solutions. She’s been a ballet dancer and artist her whole life and can often be found watercolor painting or sketching on her Wacom. Kelly loves: bright colors, challenging hikes to remote mountaintops, French language and culture, and getting down in hip hop class.



Lighting Design

Daphne is a lighting designer and creative director with a taste for the extraordinary. Currently living in Los Angeles, Daphne is a CalArts graduate with insatiable wanderlust. Daphne fulfills her wanderlust by creating imaginary worlds (including working at both Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative Entertainment and Research & Development studios), and visiting real ones (including studying abroad at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, ordering vegetarian ramen in Kyoto in basic Japanese, and rock climbing). She’s also a huge nerd, having worked on concepts and events for Star Wars, Marvel, Riot Games, and BlizzCon. Ask her for a comic recommendation! @daphne_mir



Magic Operations Manager

Neal is the newest member of the Magic Patio team, who recently picked up and moved out west from the University of Illinois to join this wild crew. Driven by storytelling and community, he is a passionate mechanical engineer who has a love for creating immersive experiences in both physical and digital spaces. He’s a huge magic nerd, a designer of water-responsive origami structures, and a Cluemaster (you’ll have to ask).




Rachel is a SoCal girl (that’s right, go Dodgers!), who transplanted to the Bay Area a few years back to dabble in the world of human-centered design. When she’s not mixing drinks, she’s helping to shape the future of transportation and mobility through her work at IDEO, leading and building client relationships, where she often has the privilege to work alongside Andrew. In addition to sneaking sips behind the bar, Rachel enjoys admiring the redwood trees in her cabin in the woods, taking photos on cameras old and new, traveling the world as often as possible, and of course, cheering on her boys in blue come April. @rtobias




Lindsey is a tech saleswoman (shocking, I know) at LinkedIn who moonlights as a bartender and baker. Born with Wanderlust in her genes and driven by cultural immersion, she spent over a year in 6 African countries and competed in Scottish Highland dance for 14 years. If she’s not slinging software you can find her testing out a new Ina Garten recipe, exploring the great outdoors, or attending a Taylor Swift concert. @levans




Kaitlin grew up loving summers on Cape Cod and decided to follow her passion for the sea by spending 8 years traveling the world by ship. After one too many tropical storms Kaitlin decided she wanted to become a California girl and settled into the Bay Area to pursue her interests in design thinking. Kaitlin spends her time trying new pins, eating her way around the city and religiously rooting for all Boston sports teams. Kaitlin holds a B.S. in Marine Engineering and is currently working as a Product Design Producer at Pinterest.




Bobby Holsinger never thought he'd be a theatre person but most of his friends are, so it was only a matter of time. Bobby spends his days working as a systems analyst for a manufacturing company. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and running a DND campaign for his friends and nerdy wife.




Abbey recently up and left Chicago, where she was working as a sustainability analyst and zero-waste consultant. With a love for nature, Abbey spends as much of her time as she can outdoors. When she’s not at work, you can find her hiking around Marin or dog-watching at Delores Park.





The Stagehand

Shara is an improviser, actor, clown and teacher in the Bay Area. An alumna of the Stanford Improvisors and San Francisco Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory, Shara performs with Un-Scripted Theater Company, Mona and Shara Do Improv, and a variety of Bay Area comedy shows. When not on stage, she teaches improv and circus to students aged 5 to 75. She is ecstatic to join the cast of the Magic Patio and hopes at least one person wears matching coveralls to every show.



Stage Manager

Ben was born on May 9, 1992 in Newton, MA at 6:36am. On June 17th at 2:42pm, he wrote this short bio.In between those two events, Ben (in no particular order) made some friends, sold some ugly fruits and vegetables, graduated from elementary school, and helped other people perform magic. He hopes to add to this bio in the coming years.


“Working His Magic”

Stanford Magazine, September 2019
by Deni Ellis Béchard

“In 2018, he performed at the Academy of Magical Arts’ 50th anniversary awards show, revealing ‘Quantum Mechanics.’ The trick was conceived by Jim Steinmeyer, perhaps the most influential living magic designer (he invented the illusion in which the Statue of Liberty vanishes, performed by David Copperfield in 1983). Though other magicians said that ‘Quantum Mechanics’ couldn’t be done, Evans spent eight years building and rebuilding it.

According to Steinmeyer, Evans’s adventurousness enabled him to pull it off. ‘He just powered through it and found his own personal way in,’ Steinmeyer says. ‘He very actively has a good sense of what feels different, what feels fresh, what feels new. He really works at putting together a show that always has a new feel to it. That’s not easy in this business.’”


“Inside the Secret Magic Show Held on a Mission Patio”

San Francisco Magazine, February 2016
by Sara Breselor

”Just before taking the stage at his first speakeasy-style show, magician Andrew Evans caught sight of red and blue lights flashing through his living room window. Crap, he thought. Cops.

Evans, an IDEO product designer by day, is the host of the Magic Patio, a series of secret magic shows he puts on at his Mission residence. He spent two years transforming the concrete patio outside his apartment, equipping it with a stage (a proscenium of wood), seating for 45, lighting and sound systems, and even a small bar where his sister serves spiked cider and a mezcal cocktail called Smoke & Mirrors…”


“Joyful: the surprising power of Ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness”

by Ingrid Fetell Lee

I had always found stage magicians to be either cheesy or macabre, but Evans was neither. He had a funny California energy, and he maintained a genial patter with the audience that made his magic feel upbeat and delightful.

In one trick, Evans played a generous host, offer to pour audience members a beverage of their choice from his mystical cocktail shaker. He asked people to call out the names of their favorite drinks, and then one by one he poured them out: a margarita, chocolate milk, orange juice, a White Russian, a green smoothie, red wine, a Negroni, scotch.”


“an exercise in imagination with magician andrew evans”

New Life Quarterly Magazine, Issue 2, Spring 2018
by Margaret McCarthy

“Andrew’s current venue is a secret, a fictional Mission address that’s still findable when you know what to look for. And when you do, you end up in an alley that connects to an apartment that takes you to a backyard where you’re suddenly confronted with a vaudeville-style proscenium stage and lit-up sign proclaiming MAGIC PATIO. It’ beautifully executed and charming. All of these pieces that lead you in, we agree, matter.”