When Andrew Evans moved to a new apartment in 2013, he imagined more than summer BBQs on his patio.

After moving to San Francisco’s Mission/Bernal neighborhood in 2013, Andrew had an idea for his back patio. He began building an elaborate, 45-person theater complete with a secret entrance, a bar, and a box office that doubled as his bedroom. Five years and a 10-person creative team later, The Magic Patio has become San Francisco’s most sought-after magic experience.

The Team


“Inside the Secret Magic Show Held on a Mission Patio”

San Francisco Magazine, February 2016
by Sara Breselor

”Just before taking the stage at his first speakeasy-style show, magician Andrew Evans caught sight of red and blue lights flashing through his living room window. Crap, he thought. Cops.

Evans, an IDEO product designer by day, is the host of the Magic Patio, a series of secret magic shows he puts on at his Mission residence. He spent two years transforming the concrete patio outside his apartment, equipping it with a stage (a proscenium of wood), seating for 45, lighting and sound systems, and even a small bar where his sister serves spiked cider and a mezcal cocktail called Smoke & Mirrors…”


“Joyful: the surprising power of Ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness”

by Ingrid Fetell Lee

I had always found stage magicians to be either cheesy or macabre, but Evans was neither. He had a funny California energy, and he maintained a genial patter with the audience that made his magic feel upbeat and delightful.

In one trick, Evans played a generous host, offer to pour audience members a beverage of their choice from his mystical cocktail shaker. He asked people to call out the names of their favorite drinks, and then one by one he poured them out: a margarita, chocolate milk, orange juice, a White Russian, a green smoothie, red wine, a Negroni, scotch.”


“an exercise in imagination with magician andrew evans”

New Life Quarterly Magazine, Issue 2, Spring 2018
by Margaret McCarthy

“Andrew’s current venue is a secret, a fictional Mission address that’s still findable when you know what to look for. And when you do, you end up in an alley that connects to an apartment that takes you to a backyard where you’re suddenly confronted with a vaudeville-style proscenium stage and lit-up sign proclaiming MAGIC PATIO. It’ beautifully executed and charming. All of these pieces that lead you in, we agree, matter.”